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Users and devices

The Authentication Cloud Management Console provides you with an intuitive UI for user and device management. Although, all this functionality is also available using our REST API services, the console is readily available for account management purposes, even during trials and pilots.


Find a user

Use the Username as a foreign key to link the user to your records in the the backend systems. Additionally, each user is assigned a unique Id that remains the same for the entire user lifecycle, and can also be used to identify the user.

  1. To find a user by name, click the Users menu.
  2. In the Search field, enter a part or the full Username that the user registered with. A list of the results is displayed.

The search is case-insensitive. You can also search by Id.

Find a user device

  1. After finding the user, click on View in the listing to open their profile. If the user has a Device, also known as authenticator registered, it is shown under the Devices section on the profile.

A User may have up to ten Devices registered as authenticators.

Delete a user

  1. After finding the user, click on View in the listing to open their profile.
  2. At the bottom of their profile, click the Delete button.
  3. Confirm the deletion in the dialog window.
  4. Click the Delete button to complete the process.
Delete a user


Find a device

Though devices can be filtered directly based on a Device Id, it is more likely that you need to delete a Device tied to a particular user account because the User no longer uses the Device as an authenticator.

Delete a device

If a user no longer uses a Device as an authenticator, remove the Device from their profile as it may prevent new device registrations later on.

  1. To remove a Device from a user account, navigate to the user profile.
  2. Identify the Device no longer in use.
  3. Click on its entry in the list.
  4. On the Device overview page, under Danger Zone, click Delete.
  5. In the dialog window, copy and paste the Device name.
  6. Click the I understand the consequences, delete this device button.