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My Customer Portal

All our demos are now available under our brand-new My Customer Portal (MCP). Sign up, enroll a device see how biometric approvals can help you improve security and boost customer retention on your own portal.


Widget Integration

The widget is a ready-made, light-weight, secure JS client, which provides a graphical user interface that can be embedded into your webpage. It can manage your user registrations and authentications for you. Read the widget docs to understand the prerequisites and the flows. Read the details about the intent token management in the API docs.


method deprecation

⚠️ The method member has been deprecated in the API. Going forward it is replaced by channel. This was necessary to consolidate new features such as SMS OTP and recovery codes.

Deprecated means that going forward, method will still work for existing integrations until further notice, but its use should be replaced by channel in existing integrations. Only channel is to be used for new integrations.



Hot off the press, the new SMS OTP-based second factor for authentication is now available for Auth Cloud. If you want to roll this out to your customers, get in touch with us so we can configure your SMS provider in your instance.

For technical details, see the API guide on how to authenticate with SMS

Recovery Codes

Auth Cloud can now provide one-time recovery codes for your customers. These 16-digit codes with 75+ bit entropy enable your customers to recover their accounts even when all their authenticators are lost or damaged. This feature can be tested on the test app of your instance under Test & Debug. See the API Documentation for details.


Auth Cloud Trial

The Nevis Authentication Cloud, nicked Auth Cloud, is now publicly available. You can sign up here for a free trial.


Device demo is available

You can give the passwordless signup and login a whirl with our device demo