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Identity verification overview


Identity verification is available upon request. Contact us if you are interested.

Our identity verification feature fully automates verification of global users to enable trust, and create a secure base for digital interactions.

  • Capture IDs on mobile and desktop seamlessly - in both cases, mobile device required for the process
  • Collect selfie videos to match photo ID and to proof liveness
  • Access collected images, and extracted data from ID document

With our identity verification feature, you can make sure your users are who they claim to be. We offer the following options for identity verification:

  • Document verification: Both sides of an ID document are scanned, the system checks the document for authenticity, and extracts document data, such as document type, document ID, user name, date of birth, nationality.
  • Facial verification: The user takes a selfie, which is then checked for liveness, and matched against the photo from the ID document.

Supported scenarios

  • Legal age verification: Make sure people accessing your services are over the legal age, for example, that users are over 18 years old.
  • Increase trust & security: Verify IDs of suspicious users to reduce scammers or bad actors from your site.