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Identity verification error codes

In case of an issue during the identity verification process, the API response contains one or more of the following error codes:

SERVICE_UNAVAILABLEIssue with the ID verification service.
ERROR_SCANNING_ID_DOCUMENTError while scanning the document.
ID_UNSUPPORTEDA document is detected, but the document cannot be recognized as any supported ID, and no data is extracted.
ID_NOT_ACCEPTEDThe document type, issuing country, or nationality is not included in the list of accepted documents, see Supported document types and countries.
ID_EXPIREDThe validity of the document expired.
ID_PHOTO_NOT_RECOGNIZEDError while detecting a face on the document.
ID_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTEDThe document type is not supported, see Supported document types and countries.
ID_NOT_RECOGNIZEDError while recognizing the document, or while extracting data from the document.
ID_UPSIDE_DOWNMake sure that the document is held in a correct way.
ID_SIGNATURE_NOT_RECOGNIZEDError while recognizing the signature on the document.
ID_PAGE_NOT_RECOGNIZEDError while detecting the pages of the document.
FACE_NOT_RECOGNIZEDError while detecting face on the document.
DOCUMENT_MISMATCHThe frontside and backside of documents are not of the same document type.
UNKNOWN_ERRORUnexpected error during the ID verification process.