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Get started

We created Identity Cloud so that you can easily manage signup and login for your client applications.

With this short guide, we support you with the first steps in Identity Cloud. Set up a minimum configuration as follows:

  1. Under Applications, add at least one application.Single-page application
  2. Under Signup/Login, you have the following tasks:
    1. Go to Customization, and add the URLs to make sure your application is compliant with GDPR.Customization
    2. Go to Email templates, and adapt the Sender email address and the [Brand name] to your own.Email templates
  3. Under Settings, change the Default return URL to a URL of your choice, and list your Allowed return URLs as well.Settings

When you are done with the basic setup, Identity Cloud is ready for you to create the first user under User management.

Create user

In each step, we guide you with context help within the application, and you can always check the user documentation for more information.

You can contact us by clicking the Support icon in the top right corner of Identity Cloud, or go directly to