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Welcome to our FAQ section. We collected product-focused questions for admins of Identity Cloud.

What can I tell my users about the GDPR compliance of Identity Cloud?

GDPR compliance is important for us. Identity Cloud provides options that support GDPR compliance but ultimately you are responsible for using the features according to GDPR guidelines.

For more information on the shared responsibilities, see GDPR.

Who owns the data that I enter to Identity Cloud?

The data remains yours, we just provide the framework, in which the data best serves you. All of this happens in accordance with GDPR, as mentioned.

How do I know that users have consented to my Terms of Service?

By signing up, your users explicitly accept your Terms of Service. You have to include a link to your Terms of Service page under Signup/Login > Customization, which is displayed in the signup flow for the user.

As a proof of consent, Identity Cloud stores the timestamp of the acceptance.

How can I test User management before having real users?

You can create a test user under User management with the Create user button, you just need to send the invitation to the email address that you use for testing.

You can also self-register with your test email address through your application.

Feel free to click around and explore Identity Cloud through test users.

What kind of options do I have to configure a password policy in Identity Cloud?

Under Signup/Login > Password policy, you can choose between different industry-standard password policies, or even customize your own.

You can enable different social connections as well, thus delegating the responsibility of password security to the social identity providers.

Social login configuration can get complicated. How does it look like in Identity Cloud?

The documentation includes a step-by-step guide on how you can configure social connections in Identity Cloud, as well as in the third-party applications, such as Apple Developer.

Can I configure the design for the user workflows?

With a few clicks, you can make the Signup/Login configuration workflow your own by including your brand name and logo, adding some color, and so on.

It helps you keep up the visual consistency within your application.