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Identity Cloud changelog

You can find a list of all notable changes made to the IDC product, such as bug fixes, new features, etc. in reverse chronological order.



Added the ability to group users in the Identity Cloud Management console for the purpose of distinct branding and specific authentication requirements, such as an enforced login provider or different self-service signup settings with Organizations


Added Social login to available multi-factor authentication methods.


List view of all user activity

Added Recent activity tab to user details. Administrator can view the details of all end-user activity by user, for better understanding of activities for troubleshooting and other business related decisions.

Signup and login webhooks

Added support for triggering webhooks on signup or login event.

Phone number field added to authentication tab

Added a phone number field to authentication tab, which displays any phone number a user has set up for authentication with SMS.

The Contact phone number for the user's remains under the Personal data tab of a user's details.


Passwordless with access app

Added support for using the Identity Cloud with the brandable Nevis Access App to add passwordless authentication to existing services.


Custom claims

Added support to customize claims in OAuth 2.0 / OIDC tokens as well as SAML assertions. Contact us if you would like to adapt the claims or assertions to your needs.


API Consistency

Various improvements in the Identity Cloud REST API were introduced to increase consistency.


Configurable languages for end-users

Added a list of supported languages for signup and login flows, emails & sms's sent to end-users. Customers can select the available languages and set a default language, to configure which ones they want to offer to their end-users.

Self-service signup

Introduced configurations to customize the self-service signup for the following use cases:

  • When using a custom registration flow based on our APIs.
  • In B2B scenarios, where it's invite-only.
  • Invite-only due to pre-launch.


Improvements to user role management API

Added API to manage the roles of users:

Added easy navigation back to the Nevis Portal from the management console of an instance.



HubSpot contact data synchronization

Added option to synchronize contacts between Hubspot and Identity Cloud at the time of signup or login if the contact data is not yet existing or not yet set.

HubSpot SSO

Added ability for Hubspot Content Management System to be configured to use Nevis for access to private pages and content, for SAML integration only.


Multifactor out-of-the-box signup/login flow with TOTP

Added time-based one-time password via OATH (Authenticator App) as an additional second-factor in the MFA flow.


Extend user Authentication methods with Microsoft

Added Microsoft social login authentication method to user authentication methods.


Query / search for specific log events

Added administrator search ability for a specific log event:

  • Administrator can search/query the logs list.
  • The query is not limited to parameters shown in the list-view, can be extended to parameters shown in log event detailed view.


Application parameters: Assign / remove scopes to and from application

Added administrator ability to assign and unassign predefined, custom scopes for a specific application.


Out-of-the-box integration with Zendesk - end-user only

Added administrator ability to set up the integration with Zendesk.


Assign and remove roles to and from users

Added administrator ability to assign and remove roles for users.


Create permissions per application

Added administrator ability to create permissions for a specific application from within the Management console.



Perform quick actions per user

Added administrator ability to perform quick actions for user management:

  • Block and unblock user.
  • Delete user.
  • Reset password.


Simple out-of-the-box signup and login flow available

Added administrator ability to configure simple, standard signup and login flow for business from within the Management console.


Management console is now available

The Nevis Identity Cloud Management console is now available.