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Change password for user

The endpoint provides functionality for changing the already existing password of a user.

The required values are the userExtId retrieved upon user creation, and the instanceId of the customer.

For authorization, a JWT is required.

HTTP request

POST https://${instanceId}${userExtId}/password/change


instanceId UUIDpathRequired The ID of the customer instance
userExtId UUIDpathRequired The ID of the given user

Request body

You can change the password by providing its new value only.


newPassword StringbodyRequired The new password of the user


"newPassword": "wZb{GQ4:(6DRq^X_"

HTTP response

On success

HTTP/1.1 204 is returned if the password is successfully changed.

On failure

HTTP/1.1 401 is returned if the authorization failed due to an invalid JWT.

HTTP/1.1 422 is returned if invalid request content was given.

HTTP/1.1 500 is returned if an unexpected error occurred.