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Create user

The endpoint provides functionality for user creation.

The required values are the extId for the new user, and the instanceId of the customer.

For authorization, a JWT is required.

HTTP request​

POST https://${instanceId}


instanceId UUIDpathRequired The ID of the customer instance
extId UUIDpathextId has to be unique if specified. If not specified, extId is created automatically.

Request body​

A user can be created by providing the loginId only.


loginId StringbodyRequired The username of the user
userState EnumbodyOptional The state of the user; Needed for blocking and unblocking
Default: active
Values: active,disabled, archived, inexistent
languageCode StringbodyOptional The language of the user
Default: en
extId StringbodyOptional The identifier of the user
Default: Generated UUID
Important Can only be set on creation.
name Object
- title String
- firstName String
- familyName String
bodyOptional The full name of the user
gender EnumbodyOptional The gender of the user
Values: female, male, other
birthDate StringbodyOptional The birth date of the user
address Object
- countryCode String
- city String
- postalCode String
- addressline1 String
- addressline2 String
- street String
- houseNumber String
- dwellingNumber String
- postOfficeBoxText String
- postOfficeBoxNumber String
- locality String
bodyOptional The detailed address of the user
contacts Object
- mobile String
- telephone String
- telefax String
- email String
bodyOptional The different contacts of the user
Important The parameters mobile, telephone, and telefax must be in E.164 format (starting with + and having no spaces).
validity Object
- from String
- to String
bodyOptional The start and end date of the user validity period
Important The parameters from and to should be in ISO format.
remarks StringbodyOptional The short metadata; Additional information field for the user
Example Remarks to a food delivery
modificationComment StringbodyOptional Additional metadata regarding user modification
Note This can be seen in the history.
properties Map<String,String>bodyOptional Custom attributes of the user
Important You can only create value for a custom attribute that is already defined. Otherwise the request will fail. The custom attribute definition can be requested as a white glove service in Identity Cloud by an administrator.
Note If a custom attribute value is empty, it will be omitted when fetching the user.


"loginId": "[email protected]",
"address": {
"dwellingNumber": "31",
"city": "Budapest",
"street": "Corvin sétány",
"countryCode": "hu",
"postalCode": "1082",
"postOfficeBoxText": "133",
"houseNumber": "1/b",
"locality": "Corvin-negyed",
"addressline2": "Main building",
"addressline1": "Corvin sétány 1/b",
"postOfficeBoxNumber": 9
"gender": "other",
"modificationComment": "simply created modification",
"created": "2021-10-15T07:54:12Z",
"languageCode": "en",
"version": 1,
"birthDate": "2000-01-01",
"userState": "ACTIVE",
"name": {
"firstName": "Alexander",
"familyName": "Nagy",
"title": "Dr."
"lastModified": "2021-10-15T07:54:12Z",
"extId": "4a5e7346-488b-46f9-914f-79ddb1131e0b",
"validity": {
"from": "2001-01-02T00:00:00Z",
"to": "2031-01-12T00:00:00Z"
"contacts": {
"mobile": "+36701235467",
"telephone": "+3611234567",
"telefax": "+441619998888",
"email": "[email protected]"
"remarks": "My first user!",
"properties": {
"preferredContactChannel": "email"

HTTP response​

On success​

HTTP/1.1 201 is returned if the user is successfully created.

The response contains the following additional header, containing the extId of the created user:


On failure​

HTTP/1.1 401 is returned if the authorization failed due to an invalid JWT.

HTTP/1.1 422 is returned if invalid request content was given.

HTTP/1.1 500 is returned if an unexpected error occurred.