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Delete user

The endpoint provides functionality to delete a user.

The required values are the userExtId retrieved upon user creation, and the instanceId of the customer.

For authorization, a JWT is required.

HTTP request

DELETE https://${instanceId}${userExtId}


instanceId StringpathRequired The ID of the customer instance
userExtId UUIDpathRequired The ID of the searched user

HTTP response

On success

HTTP/1.1 204 is returned if the user is successfully deleted.

On missing user

HTTP/1.1 404 is returned if no user is found with the given userExtId, with a detailed message.


"errors": [
"code": "errors.noRecord",
"message": "A user with extId 4a5e7346-488b-46f9-914f-79ddb1131e0ba doesn't exist on client with name Client-users"

On failure

HTTP/1.1 401 is returned if the authorization failed due to an invalid JWT.

HTTP/1.1 500 is returned if an unexpected error occurred.