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Create password

The endpoint provides functionality for creating a password for an existing user.

HTTP request

POST https://$$extId/password


ParameterInTypeRequired / OptionalDescription
instanceIdpathstringrequiredThe ID of your Identity Cloud instance
extIdpathstringrequiredThe ID of the user

Request body

You can create password of a user by only providing the password value.

ParameterTypeRequired / OptionalDescription
passwordstringrequiredThe password of the user
stateNameenumoptionalThe state of the password Default: active Values: active,initial, tmp-locked, disabled, archived
Example request

Adjust the user ID in the following snippet and type a password value to be set in the variable password

extId=your-user-id-123 \
read -s password
curl --request POST "https://$$extId/password" \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer $accessKey" \
--data "{ \"password\" : \"$password\" }"

HTTP response

On success

HTTP/1.1 201 is returned if the password is successfully created.

The response has the following additional header Location, containing the extId of the user:


On failure

HTTP/1.1 401 is returned if the authorization failed due to an invalid access key.

HTTP/1.1 422 is returned if invalid request content was given.

HTTP/1.1 500 is returned if an unexpected error occurred.