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The REST API provides consistent, predictable error reporting, with HTTP status codes and detailed error messages.

The following error codes may be returned:

Error CodeMeaning
400 Bad RequestIndicates that the sent request is malformed, for example the request has wrong headers.
401 UnauthorizedIndicates that the Authorization header is missing in the request.
403 ForbiddenIndicates that the provided access key for the call is not valid.
404 Not FoundIndicates that the specified resource is not found, for example the user ID does not exist.
405 Method Not AllowedIndicates that the API endpoint does not exist.
409 ConflictIndicates that the request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the target resource. For example, the target resource may have been modified concurrently.
415 Unsupported Media TypeIndicates invalid media type provided, for example sending a form encoded POST request body, instead of JSON.
422 Unprocessable EntityIndicates that the request format is valid but the values do not meet the business rules. For example, a mandatory value is missing.
5xxAny 5xx error code indicates a server-side problem and should be followed up with Nevis support.