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Configure allowed scopes

Assign scopes to applications

You can assign predefined or custom scopes to your applications with the protocol type OAuth 2.0/OIDC.

By assigning scopes to applications, you specify which scopes are allowed to be requested during login to the application.

To assign scopes to your application:

  1. Click Application management > Applications and select the application you want to allow scopes for.
  2. Select the Scopes tab and click Assign scope.
  3. Select the scope you want to allow. For openid, you also need to select which element you allow.
  4. Click Assign to finalize your choices.

The newly assigned scope appears on the Allowed scopes list.

Remove scopes from applications

You can remove predefined or custom scopes from your applications with protocol type OAuth 2.0/OIDC. When you remove a scope from an application, it cannot be requested during login anymore.

To remove scopes:

  1. Select the application from which you want to remove a scope.
  2. Select the Scopes tab and click Remove next to the scope you want to remove in the Allowed scopes list.
  3. Confirm to Remove scope.

The removed scope disappears from the Allowed scopes list.