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Automatic account linking

Identity Cloud provides the comfort of automatic account linking. Regardless of the signup method, the user can log in with any other identity, without creating a separate profile for each.

Methods = Methods = Methods = Methods All login methods are equal, so the signup method is not considered as the primary login method.

The only condition is that the email address has to match.

For example, if the user chooses Email and password as the signup method, the login after that can happen with Email and password, or any social login method registered with the same email address.

In another example, the user can also start out with Apple login, and add other login methods later. In this case, the user has to set their password upon the first login with Email and password.


Automatic account linking works for verified users only.

When using the Email and password as signup method, the user account is created when the email address is entered in the system.

However, if the user did not set up the password, and attempts to log in with a social login method connected to the same email address, the signup with Email and password needs to be finished first.

Social login already increases the likelihood of signup, and automatic account linking additionally decreases friction.

Account linking is smoothly implemented in the login process, so users do not have to do the linking manually, nor wait for an admin to do it for them.

Social login list

Even if users forgot the password for the Email and password login method, they can sign in with the social login provider of their choice. In a similar example, if the user chooses to close their Facebook account, the Identity Cloud user account is still available with another login method.

User privacy is also increased with automatic account linking. When the user adds another identity, we do not reveal that an account already exists with the same email address, we just let the user log in with a new method.

In accordance with GDPR, the minimum data required for processing is requested from social login providers.

Duplicated accounts are avoided, which minimizes user confusion, and makes troubleshooting easier. For you, this also means less redundancy and better quality of data. Attackers have a smaller attack surface, which increases security.

User management

When you set up a connection to a social login provider, there is nothing left to do on your side, the automatic account linking happens in the background.