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Client Credentials

The purpose of the Client Credentials flow is to acquire an Access Token, which can be added as Bearer token to REST calls made towards a Resource Server.

This flow must be used by machine-to-machine applications only. The app must be able to store a client secret in a safe place.

Client Credentials flow

  1. Your app sends a request to the Identity Cloud Token endpoint. The client_id and client_secret are used as credentials for Basic Authentication 1:

    POST /auth/oauth2/token HTTP/1.1
    Authorization : Basic YTIwOTEwNTBjZmRkMTVjZTpjMDkxYTE1MWZmY2U5NjM1

    If your app requests multiple scopes, they should be separated by an encoded space (%20).

  2. Upon successful validation of client_id, client_secret, and the requested scopes, an access token in JWT format is returned 2:


Your app can now use the received access token to call a resource server.

1 calculated as: base64(<client_id>:<client_secret>)

2 line-breaks have been added to make the response more readable.