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The look and feel of your application depends on you, and we can give you a hand with that.

Visual consistency is important in application design. Show yourself through your logo, brand color, or the corporate font.

Improve your brand consistency with a few edits at Signup/Login > Customization. The design process takes about 15 minutes of your time, provided you have your brand style guide next to you. The customizing tool gives you an interactive Preview as well.


All of your Applications carry the style you set up in Customization.


The following chapters describe your options under Customization.


The Signup/Login menu contains predefined templates and configurations. If you configure only the URLs under Signup/Login > Customization, your users still have the basic Email and password signup/login workflow with the default design.

Brand name

Add your Brand name in the textbox, which then appears as a title on your signup/login form.


Pick a Font that defines the writing style of your signup/login form.

Click the Select file button, and select a Logo or a defining picture for your brand. For the sake of visual consistency, use the same logo you used for your application.

The maximum file size is 1 MB. We support the file formats PNG, SVG, and GIF.

We recommend you use a version of your logo with a transparent background.


When you click Select file, the logo is selected for the Preview only. You also have the option to remove the image.

Your changes only take effect once you click Save & Publish.

Primary color

Select a hex color code from your brand palette as your Primary color, which defines the color scheme of your signup/login form.

This appears, for example, as the background color of the Continue button.

Corner radius

You can have a say in the design on the level of shapes and forms as well. Set the Corner radius to match the look & feel of your brand.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication provides another layer of authentication on top of login with password.

If you have an SMS provider set up, you can switch on SMS here. The user can then authenticate themselves using SMS as a second factor once they signed up with their Phone number.

Switching SMS on/off under Customization controls the visibility of SMS authentication for the users. If you switch SMS off, you do not lose the configuration.


Multi-factor authentication and Social login are mutually exclusive. If you switch one on, the other automatically switches off.

Every user who uses Social login only, has to click "Forgot password?" and set up a password.

When you switch on Multi-factor authentication, a set of recovery codes is generated as well.

Social login

You can also check out the signup/login form with social login options to Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Each social connection that you configured under Signup/Login > Social login shows up as a Social login option under Customization.

You can switch Social login options on/off based on what you want to provide for your users. For example, if you switch Google off under Customization, then Google login does not show up for the user. Your configuration for the Google connection is still there in the background, and you can turn it back on any time.


Social login and Multi-factor authentication are mutually exclusive. If you switch one on, the other automatically switches off.


For GDPR compliance, adding all of the following URLs to the signup/login form is mandatory:

  • With the Terms of Service URL, you make sure your users give their consent to your services right at signup.
  • With the Privacy Policy URL, you make sure your users know their data is in good hands.
  • With the Support page URL, you make sure you are there when your users need help.

After entering the links, you can check their availability by opening them in a new tab.


If you keep these different topics together under one URL, just enter the same URL multiple times.

Bot protection

For a more secure user experience, we included CAPTCHA in the signup/login flow.

We use the reCAPTCHA Enterprise solution by Google.

You cannot switch off the CAPTCHA feature.

Language switch

By default, a language switch is included in the top right corner of the signup and login flow. The supported languages are the following:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian


In the Preview on the right side, you can check if your signup/login form is getting closer to what you imagined.

The Preview is updated as you make your changes. Your changes appear only for the Preview until you click Save & Publish.

Save & Publish

As soon as you hit Save & Publish, the changes go live. The Logo is uploaded, and the changes are saved and published to your Applications.