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Social login

You can add social logins to your Identity Cloud signup and login flows. Social login allows your users to sign-up and log in using their existing accounts from social identity providers.

It is an alternative method to access your applications and services without having to register a new account and create additional password credentials.

Social login with Identity Cloud

Social login is a federated login using social identity providers to verify the user's identity. The OAuth 2.0 and OIDC protocols are used to facilitate authentication and authorization. The process includes the following steps:

  1. The user clicks on a social login button on the Identity Cloud signup and login pages.
  2. Identity Cloud forwards a request to the social identity provider to authenticate the user. The user logs in to the social identity provider.
  • This step does not involve any user interaction if the user is already logged in to the social identity provider.
  1. Once the social identity provider confirmed the user identity, Identity Cloud automatically links the social account to the user if not done yet. Linking requires email verification. For more information, see Automatic account linking.
  • This step is usually only required the first time a user logs in with social login.
  1. Identity Cloud provides access to your application.