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Invite users

The administrator can invite users from the Management console under User management > Users area:

Invite users when creating them

During manual user creation, the administrator is offered to select the Send an invitation option, which automatically sends the user an invitation email, once they are created. This is part of the user creation flow.

Invite users after creating them

To invite users after user creation:

  1. Go to User management > Users.
  2. Select a user.
  3. Click Send invitation from the more options menu of the user.
  4. In the dialog, confirm to send an invitation email to the user.
  5. Select Send.
Send invitation

Upon invitation a User invitation email with a link is sent to the user's email. The link is valid for seven days and one use. The language of the email is the Language selected for the user during creation. The Language selection also defines the initial language of the signup flow for the user.

Criteria for invitations

Invitations can be sent to users

  • who are Not invited yet;
  • who have a Pending invitation: an invitation with a new link replacing the old one is sent;
  • with an Expired invitation: an invitation with a new link is sent that replaces the expired link;
Send invitation

The invitation link leads to a page where the user can set a password and complete the signup.

Password setup

User state and recent activity

Once the user completes the signup, their state changes to Active and the Recent activity field under User management > Users is populated once the user logs in for the first time.