Interface LocalData

  • public interface LocalData
    An interface that provides information about the information that is stored locally in the SDK. This includes authenticator and device information. The interface also allows to delete the data locally.
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      • deleteAuthenticator

        void deleteAuthenticator​(java.lang.String username,
                                 java.lang.String aaid)
        Deletes all the data managed by the SDK regarding the provided authenticator. If the authenticator is registered, it will delete the associated FIDO UAF credentials of the provided user. If the authenticator is managed by the SDK (PIN authenticator), and the specified user is the only registered user, it will also delete the PIN definition (i.e. the authenticator will no longer be enrolled).

        NOTE: this method will only delete data locally. The FIDO UAF credentials will not be deleted from the server. This method should only be used when going through the protocol to delete authenticator information is not possible. For instance when the PIN authenticator is locked, which may be due to a security attack and then it is desirable to delete the credentials locally. Using Deregistration is the recommended way of deleting the FIDO UAF credentials.

        username - the username whose data must be deleted
        aaid - the AAID of the Authenticator whose data must be deleted
      • authenticators

        java.util.Set<Authenticator> authenticators()
        Returns information about the authenticators. This information can be used for instance to know whether there is a registered authenticator or not, and thus if the user must register an authenticator or if authentication is possible.

        Note that this method is synchronous and it can take a long time to complete, so it is recommended to invoke it outside the main/UI thread.

        the authenticator information
      • accounts

        java.util.Set<Account> accounts()
        Convenience method that returns all the registered accounts.
        the accounts