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Version: 3.7.x.x LTS


Monitoring is used to detect service problems and to alert the operators about these issues.

Monitoring components

nevisAdmin supports monitoring of your NEVIS infrastructure in three ways:

  • Status monitoring: The status check is performed every two minutes. nevisAdmin asks the nevisAgent [1] on each server to provide the status information about the server itself as well as the installed NEVIS components [2].
  • Log event check: Whenever checking the status of a NEVIS instance, nevisAdmin also searches [3] the log data for error events generated [4] by the instance currently checked. This check is optional and requires Elasticsearch or Splunk to store all log files.
  • Active end-to-end monitoringnevis: Admin can instruct its nevisAgents to log in against local nevisProxy instances and to perform HTTP requests against the configured applications [5] to check for the availability of the application. This check is optional.