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Version: 4.19.x.x RR

Standard Patterns Overview

To configure common NEVIS use cases, nevisAdmin 4 comes with an extensive set of standard patterns.

This chapter provides an overview of the functionality covered by the standard pattern library. The standard library contains patterns for concrete use cases as well as generic patterns that support configuration using XML or other low level settings.

The following categories exist:

  • Instance Patterns: Patterns that create instances of the nevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisIDM and Elastic Stack components.
  • Application Protection: Patterns that configure reverse proxy and WAF features using nevisProxy. See Configuring Application Protection Use Cases.
  • Authentication: Patterns that configure authentication using nevisAuth. See Configuring Authentication Use Cases.
  • Identity Management: Patterns to configure identity management and authentication using nevisIDM. See Configuring Identity Management Use Cases.
  • Mobile Authentication: Patterns to configure mobile authentication use cases. See Configuring Mobile Authentication Use Cases.
  • Key Management: Patterns to configure key material and certificates. See Configuring Key Material and Certificates.
  • Add-ons: Patterns that can be assigned to other patterns to configure certain aspects in detail.
  • Experimental: Patterns that are incubating and may change in future releases. After the experimental phase, they will become standard patterns.

Standard Patterns Reference

See Standard Patterns Reference for a complete list of patterns and overview diagrams.

Graphical User Interface

Detailed settings and help for the individual patterns can be found in the Help section of the nevisAdmin 4 GUI. See also: Working with Patterns.

nevisAdmin 4 GUI - Help panel

Generic Patterns

If the standard patterns do not cover your use case, consider using a generic pattern. This allows configuring the functionality at the component level.

Creating your own, custom patterns is not supported in nevisAdmin 4.