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Version: 2.3.x.x RR

Known limitations

FIDO Alliance Metadata Service

Nevis FIDO2 Authentication does not yet support the FIDO Alliance Metadata Service.

Fine-tuning of ceremonies

Nevis FIDO2 does not yet support the fine-tuning of registration and authentication ceremonies with the AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria and the UserVerification objects respectively.

Support for mobile devices as cross platform authenticators

Nevis FIDO2 relies on the WebAuthn specification, which defines how the client-side of the protocol must behave. This is then implemented by the different browsers that support WebAuthn, which introduce nuances to the protocol. One such a nuance is caBLE, which is a technology that makes it possible for end-users to use their mobile devices as cross platform authenticators for WebAuthn ceremonies. In this use-case a WebAuthn ceremony is executed on a desktop or laptop, then the authentication takes place on a mobile device through an ad-hoc bluetooth connection, where the authenticator (for example fingerprint scanner) is already enrolled. Note, that this technology is not yet supported by all browsers:

caBLE support