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Version: 2.1


FIDO2FIDO2 enables users to leverage common devices to easily authenticate to online services in both mobile and desktop environments. The FIDO2 specifications are the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification and FIDO Alliance’s corresponding Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP).
WebAuthnFIDO2 Web Authentication - a core component of FIDO Alliance’s FIDO2 set of specifications - is a web-based API that allows websites to update their login pages to add FIDO-based authentication on supported browsers and platforms.
CTAPThe FIDO2 Client to Authenticator Protocol is complementary to WebAuthn. It enables an external authenticator, such as a security key or a mobile phone, to work with browsers that support WebAuthn, and also to serve as an authenticator to desktop applications and web services.
CeremonyThe concept of a ceremony is an extension of the concept of a network protocol, with human nodes alongside computer nodes and with communication links that include user interface(s), human-to-human communication, and transfers of physical objects that carry data.
Relying PartyThe entity whose web application utilizes the Web Authentication API to register and authenticate users.
Relying Party IDA valid domain string that identifies the WebAuthn Relying Party on whose behalf a given registration or authentication ceremony is being performed.