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Version: 2.3.x.x RR

Integration prerequisites

A relying party represents a web application that you wish to secure using WebAuthn to register and authenticate users. Before you can integrate WebAuthn, you need to collect information about your web application, the relying party:

Relying party name: The name of your choosing, for example: Siven Chocolate Factory.

Relying party ID: The root domain or part of the domains of your web applications that you plan to register and authenticate users on, for example:

Origins: The list of the origins of your web application. Each origin has to be explicitly allowed, for example:


As WebAuthn can only be used from a secure context, the origins have to be one of the following:

  • A local address: http://localhost.
  • An https:// address on condition that the application provides a valid SSL certificate.

Make sure that you choose a Relying party ID, which is a subset of all the origins you intend to use.

For example, the Relying party ID matches the origin, but not the https// origin.