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Version: 2.202302.x.x RR

2021-Q3: RR Upgrade (Aug 2021)

Major version

Version: 2.202108

Lifecycle dates

Minor VersionGeneral AvailabilityEnd of Full SupportEnd of Fade-Out Support
2.202108.943Aug 18, 2021Nov 17, 2021Mar 17, 2022

Breaking changes and required actions

The following components have breaking changes compared to the previous release, or require specific actions. For more information, see the release notes of each listed component.

  • nevisAdmin 4
    • Changes to the Kubernetes Deployment.
  • nevisMeta
    • Move undocumented endpoint for getting a token in REST API V2 to a correct path and add it to the official documentation
      • Undocumented endpoint /rest/v2/modules/oauthv2/setups/<setupId>/token/<tokenId> removed
      • New endpoint /rest/v2/modules/oauthv2/setups/<setupId>/tokens/<tokenId> added
  • nevisLogRend
    • Upgraded Velocity 1.7 to 2.3, as this is a major version change there might be incompatibilities
      • Some Velocity related configuration were renamed, configuration names must be adjusted in the application configuration.
      • In case if the third party tools defined in the reference guide are used, there is a high chance the templates must be adapted. Some of those completely changed.
      • General behavior changes in how Velocity handles templates. Velocity provides some backwards compatibility flags provided which can enabled.
  • nevisAuth
    • Upgraded third party library groovy-all 2.4.12 to version 2.4.21. Although we don't expect any issues, it is recommended to do more thorough than usual testing of ScriptStates using Groovy scripts.
  • nevisIDM
    • The query REST service indexing changed, old indices need to be get rid of. For details see the release notes.
    • Custom property values only change now in the database when their values actually change.
  • nevisProxy
    • The hostname verification of the backends has been improved, and now performs additional validations.
    • The deprecated and undocumented SERVER_FDLIMIT configuration parameter has been removed. From now on, nevisProxy uses the default open files resource limit of the system.

You can directly update to this major version from version 2.202102.and from version 2.202011.. If you skipped a version, have a look at the section "Breaking Changes / Required Actions" of the skipped version.

Component versions

The following versions are part of this release. All of them are under Full Support until the next RR upgrade becomes available.

ComponentArtifact nameVersion**RHEL 6*RHEL 7*SLES 11*SLES 12*
nevisAdmin 3nevisadmin
nevisAdmin 4nevisadmin44.12.0.8

*) Tested with the latest available patch level.

**) Versions in bold changed compared to the previous quarterly release.

Third-party dependencies

The following third-party software is often used by Nevis components. Some of the software is included with nevisAppliance.

Below you find the latest supported versions.

Third-Party SoftwareVersion
JVM (OpenJDK)✅ 1.8.0u282 ❌ 1.8.0u292+
MariaDB✅ 10.3
Kubernetes✅ 1.20

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps and the Mobile SDK are released independently of the quarterly releases. Refer to the following pages:

  • Nevis Mobile Authentication Client SDK
  • Nevis Access App