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Version: 2.202308.x.x RR

2022-Q3: RR Upgrade (August 2022)

Major version

Version: 2.202208

Lifecycle dates

Minor VersionGeneral AvailabilityEnd of Full SupportEnd of Fade-Out Support
2.202208.1012Oct 28 2022November 15, 2022February 15, 2023
2.202208.1011Oct 24 2022November 15, 2022February 15, 2023
2.202208.1010Oct 14 2022November 15, 2022February 15, 2023
2.202208.1009Sep 12 2022November 15, 2022February 15, 2023
2.202208.1008Aug 31, 2022November 15, 2022February 15, 2023
2.202208.1005Aug 18, 2022November 15, 2022February 15, 2023

Breaking changes and required actions

The following components have breaking changes compared to the previous release, or require specific actions. For more information, see the Release Notes of each listed component.

  • nevisMeta: Experimential release for RFC 7591 - Dynamic Client Registration - compliance, update response for client creation via REST service.
  • nevisAuth: Deprecated HttpAuthState has been removed.
  • nevisIDM: In some cases, when the user archived a profile, the unit dataroom check still had an effect on the result. We fixed the issue.
  • nevisProxy: Because the parameter AutoRewrite of the HttpConnectorServlet supports the rewriting of the Link-header, the LuaFilter described could do a second rewriting. In such a case, the Link header does not work correctly anymore. If you configured one of those filters, then remove it, unless the AutoRewrite parameter in the HttpConnectorServlet does not have the link rewriteheader enabled.
  • nevisProxy: The Encrypter Lua class handles the passwords containing zero characters \x00 and the failed decryptions differently.
  • nevisProxy: The default RequestFlags of the RewriteFilter and InflateFilter changed: +PRUNE_ACCEPT_ENCODING, which modifies the Accept-Encoding request header.
  • nevisProxy: We changed the default value of the Frontend connector SSLHonorCipherOrder to on.
  • nevisProxy: We changed the default value for the Server LogFormat.
  • nevisProxy: We changed the Engine/Host/Context/trailingSlashRedirect option default value to true.

Every RR (minor and major) may contain breaking changes. See the release notes of the component you are upgrading. You should always stay up to date on the RR branch. If there are multiple releases between your current version and the version you are upgrading to, see the release notes of each version.

Component versions

The following versions are part of this release. All of them are under Full Support until the next RR upgrade becomes available.

ComponentArtifact nameVersion**RHEL 6*RHEL 7*RHEL 8*SLES 11*SLES 12*SLES 15*
nevisApplianceneviscd22.202208.1012 2.202208.1011 2.202208.1010 2.202208.1009 2.202208.1008 2.202208.1005n/an/an/an/a
nevisAdmin 4nevisadmin44.16.1.0
nevisDetectnevisdetect nevisdetectcl nevisadapt1.12.2.0
nevisIDMnevisidm nevisidmcl nevisidmdb adnooprint2.86.3.3271315812

*) Tested with the latest available patch level.

**) Versions in bold changed compared to the previous quarterly release.

Third-party dependencies

The following third-party software is often used by Nevis components. Some of the software is included with nevisAppliance.

Below you find the latest supported versions.

Third-Party SoftwareVersion
JVM (OpenJDK)✅ 1.8.0u352-b08 ❌ 1.8.0u292+
MariaDB✅ 10.3
Kubernetes✅ 1.24

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps and the Mobile SDK are released independently of the quarterly releases. Refer to the following pages:

  • Nevis Mobile Authentication Client SDK
  • Nevis Access App