public protocol NMADevicePasscodeUserVerifier

The object in charge of interacting with the user to do authenticate using the device passcode.

  • The user verification interaction. In the case of the registration the user must provide credentials as required by the FIDO UAF protocol. In the case of the authentication, this is invoked for the user to provide credentials.


    In the case of the device passcode authenticator, since the UI management is delegated to the operating system, the NMADevicePasscodeUserVerifier/verifyDevicePasscode method will not be invoked when a recoverable error occurs: the operating system will inform the end-user of the problem that happened. This implies that NMADevicePasscodeUserVerifier/verifyDevicePasscode is only invoked once when using the device passcode authenticator.



    func verifyDevicePasscode(context: NMADevicePasscodeUserVerificationContext, handler: NMADevicePasscodeUserVerificationHandler)



    the object providing the contextual information required for the verification process.


    the object that must be notified with the result of the interaction.