public protocol PinUserVerifier

The object in charge of interacting with the user to do PIN authentication.


The SDK does not provide implementations of this interface. The implementation must be done by the user of the SDK if the PIN authenticator is required.

  • The user verification interaction. In the case of the registration the user must provide credentials again as required by the FIDO UAF protocol. In the case of the authentication, this is invoked for the user to provide credentials.

    If there is a recoverable error during the verification, this method will be invoked again, and the lastRecoverableError will contain the error. The recoverable error can be used to inform the user of the recoverable error that occurred, because the UI is the responsibility of the developer using the SDK.

    If the user provided invalid credentials, and it results in a non-recoverable error, then a method such as onError(_:) or onError(_:) will be invoked.



    func verifyPin(context: PinUserVerificationContext, handler: PinUserVerificationHandler)



    the object providing the contextual information required for the verification process.


    the object that must be notified with the result of the interaction.