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Dear Customers!

We are going to upgrade flyway in our components. Flyway is used by the following components to migrate database schemes:

  • nevisIDM, nevisIDMDB
  • nevisAdapt, nevisDetect
  • nevisMeta

The new Flyway versions support freely databases no older than 5 years. This can be quite inconvenient for customers. This is the reason why we do the announcement early. The planned delivery of these changes is Aug 2023 RR.

Nevis supports MariaDB and Oracle databases. From RR Aug 2023:

  • MariaDB 10.2+ will be supported freely by Flyway.
  • Oracle 18.3+ will be supported freely by Flyway. This can affect customers who are using nevisIDM/nevisIDMDB or nevisAdapt/nevisDetect with older Oracle database.

Databases that are older than 5 years can be supported by the Teams edition of Flyway. We are going to provide options for customers who bought the Teams edition of Flyway to enter their license keys.

We hope that customers who are using old Oracle databases can plan their migrations to newer databases or schedules the payment of Flyway Teams edition.

Yours sincerely,

The Nevis Learning and Documentation Team