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Version: 2.8.x.x RR

Nevis Access App Nevis Access App

Getting Started

  • The release notes keeps you up to date on the latest Access App changes and new features.
  • The ordering guide helps you when ordering your first Access App.
  • The user support provides information on how you can support your users.
  • The Appendix section contains useful information, such as publication preparation for Android and iOS.

Feature Overview

The Nevis Access App is a standardized Access App. It is possible to create customer-branded instances of the Nevis Access App. The Nevis Access App offers the following functionality:

Nevis provides regular releases of the Access Apps to customers and partners, implements improvements, ensures that bugs are fixed and new OS versions are supported.

Hardware Requirements

Because of the high-security nature of the Nevis Access App, it requires the presence of a TEE/SE1. For Apple devices, this is ensured by the iOS12+ limitation. Also, most currently available Android devices contain a TEE/SE, except some (usually low-budget) models.

Apple iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch lacks a TEE/SE, therefore it is not supported.

Access App Flavors

The Access App is delivered in two flavors:

  • Integration

    Use the Integration flavor of the Access App in the context of testing and development. This flavor can be run on emulators. It also provides increased logging (showing the network requests and responses for example).

  • Production:

    Deliver the Production flavor of the Access App to end users.


For a description of the steps that are required to sign the app per platform, refer to Prepare Android publication or Prepare iOS Publication.

  1. TEE: Trusted Execution Environment refers to cryptographic hardware for secure storage and execution of cryptographic related operations. As opposed to a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) a TEE is not physically isolated from the main chipset. SE: Secure Enclave - a tamper-proof secure storage.