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Nevis Authentication Cloud overview

Nevis Authentication Cloud provides authentication as a service. It extends your infrastructure with passwordless authentication and transaction signing services.

Nevis Authentication Cloud Overview

Passwordless anywhere

Instead of passwords, Authentication Cloud relies on the biometric capabilities of user devices to provide secure and convenient authentication. Built according to the FIDO UAF and FIDO2 standards, our solution guarantees the highest level of privacy and security for all transactions.

You can add passwordless authentication to your infrastructure with minimal effort, using our custom brandable Access App. We also offer a service development kit, for full, seamless integration with your business application.

Your Access App

Our brandable Access App for Android and iOS provides a user-friendly and fast option to start. The Access App can be used for mobile-only scenarios, in combination with other business apps or with mobile browsers. It can also authenticate transactions started on laptop or desktop devices. For more information about the Access App, see Access App documentation.

Your management console

With our solution, you get your own management console within our portal. Here you can manage your integrations, add and remove users as well as their authenticators. You also get an interface to edit the graphics and branding of your Access App using Figma. To discover and test management console functionality, see Access the management console.

Authentication methods

We offer several secure ways of passwordless authentication. Whether your applications are used in a mobile app, desktop app or web browser, we have a selection of authentication methods to fit your specific needs. Add our solution as an extra layer of security, or replace passwords entirely. Implement several different methods for increased compatibility. For an overview on the authentication methods we offer, see Authentication methods comparison.

Usernameless authentication

Take advantage of our most convenient authentication flow. As part of the registration process, user accounts are matched to their biometrics, so that once your users are registered, there is no need to type a password, or even a username. Authentication is quick, convenient, and secure. To find out more, and test the usernameless authentication flow, see Usernameless authentication.


Passkeys offer a safer and more convenient user experience by replacing passwords and eliminating the need to provide a username at login. Passkeys are a part of the FIDO2 technology. For more information on the solution and its additional benefits, see the FIDO2 documentation.

Integrate Authentication Cloud

Increase the security of your existing infrastructure. We offer the possibility to integrate the features of Authentication Cloud into Nevis Identity Suite, Azure AD B2C, and Temenos. For more information, see Integrations.

API first

We provide the Authentication Cloud solution as an out-of-the-box integration combined with our easy-to-use REST API. With a few API calls, you can manage your Authentication Cloud solution, and implement new features. To get right into working with our REST API, see the Developer documentation.