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API documentation

This API documentation explains in detail how to create the right HTTP requests for calling the Authentication Cloud API endpoints, listing all available parameters, HTTP requests, and responses.

Add passwordless authentication and transaction signing to your own applications and services with just a few REST API calls to our Authentication Cloud API. Moreover, the Authentication Cloud also offers various additional authentication factors, such as SMS or recovery codes.


This API is designed to be only used for server-to-server calls. Never expose your access keys on the client side or in untrusted contexts, such as browsers or mobile apps.

When you sign up for the service, use the Management Console to obtain the API endpoint URL and generate an access key for the machine-to-machine communication with your Nevis Authentication Cloud.

# Make sure you have curl installed:
curl --version

# Set your instance id and securely paste your access key:
read -s access_key
export instance access_key

Start a Free Trial with the Nevis Authentication Cloud to get your access key and start integrating passwordless authentication into your services.