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Access App overview

Our Access App provides a quick and simple way to integrate Nevis Authentication Cloud into your infrastucture.

The solution consists of the REST API and your management console, where you configure your integrations, and the custom branded Access App on the user side. The pages in this chapter contain a detailed description of the Authentication Cloud functionality using the Access App, and give step-by-step instructions on how to configure and test the solution.

Get started by visiting the pages in the chapter in order.

  1. Access the management console
  2. Create an Access Key
  3. Test the Access App
  4. Users and authenticators
  5. Automate with the REST API
  6. Customize the Access App

Biometric authentication support

Secure authentication is made convenient by using the biometric capabilities of mobile devices. Nevis Authentication Cloud supports fingerprint scanning and Apple FaceID. Face recognition is also supported on some Android devices, see Android devices supporting face recognition.

See the Device Support chapter in the Access App documentation for a comprehensive list of devices that support the Access App.


The minimum Access App versions supported by Authentication Cloud are the following:

  • Access App for iOS 1.9.0, released in June 2021
  • Access App for Android 1.8.0, released in June 2021

For more detailed information about the Access App, see the Access App documentation.