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Version: 2.8.x.x RR

Device Support

Generally, the Nevis Access App supports iPhones with iOS 12 or newer and Android devices with Android 6 or newer.

Android Devices Supporting Face Recognition


The list only includes verified devices. Therefore, the list is not final and will grow with future releases.

Face recognition is always supported in devices with a Class 3 sensor.

Face recognition is supported in devices with a Class 2 sensor if Class 2 sensors are allowed when ordering the application.

ManufacturerModelSensor Type
GooglePixel 4Class 3
GooglePixel 4 XLClass 3
SamsungGalaxy S20Class 2
SamsungGalaxy S21 FE 5GClass 2

Unsupported Devices

The following devices are not supported by the Nevis Access App.

ManufacturerModelRelease Year
LGGoogle Pixel 12016
LGNexus 52013
HuaweiMate 92016
SamsungGalaxy A52014
AppleiPod Touch2010
SamsungGalaxy J32016
SamsungGalaxy J52015