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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Long Term Support (LTS)

The Nevis LTS lifecycle model follows a fixed release cycle. New features are held back until a new major LTS release version is available, after a predefined and fixed period of time. To ensure highest security at all times, security patches and functional bug fixes are released more frequently.

LTS release lifecycle

You most likely want to choose the LTS lifecycle model if you favor stability over the newest and latest features.

Lifecycle periods

Each major version of a Long Term Support release consists of two support periods: 2 years Full Support and 1 year Maintenance Support.

Major Version Lifecycle Periods

Full Support

During the Full Support stage, Nevis proactively releases minor updates every six months, to improve the stability and performance of the platform and to address security vulnerabilities. Additionally, customers are entitled to receive technical support. There are no software enhancements nor additions of new functionality.

We recommend updating to each minor version as soon as it is released.

At the end of the Full Support period, a new major LTS version is released. We recommend upgrading to this new major version within six months after it is released.

Maintenance Support

The Maintenance Support stage starts as soon as the new major LTS version (LTS+1) is available. In this third year of the LTS lifecycle, we still proactively provide regular security fixes, addressing stability and security vulnerabilities. Additionally, customers are still eligible for technical support. However, we discourage from starting any new projects at this stage.

At the end of the Maintenance Support period, security and functional fixes as well as technical support and access to software artifacts will be halted. By then, you should have upgraded to the latest major LTS version (LTS+1).

Overview of lifecycle periods and detailed support elements

The next table shows the Nevis services, including support and software maintenance, during each stage of the Nevis LTS lifecycle.

DescriptionFull supportMaintenence support
Release FrequencySix monthsSix months
New Features 1NoNo
Functional Fixes 2YesNo
Security Fixes 3YesYes
Technical Support 4YesYes
Delivery Mode (updated software artifacts like nevisAppliance, RPMs, Docker Images and documentation)ProactiveProactive
Allowed for new projectsYesNo
Access to software artifacts on our Customer PortalYesYes

Upgrade Path

Our goal is to ensure smooth transitions between major LTS versions, but we can’t guarantee complete backwards compatibility due to technological advancements. Each new LTS represents a significant technology leap compared to the previous one. To prepare for the transition, please carefully review the LTS release notes, paying particular attention to the section detailing breaking changes.

Minor Version Lifecycle Periods

A new minor LTS version is released every 6 months. Bug fixes and non critical security patches are delivered only via new minor versions, backport to older minor versions is not possible. After a new minor version is released, the old minor version is still entitled to receive technical support for​ another 7 months.

Provisional dates of future releases

The following table gives an overview of the provisional release dates for Long Term Support versions. All future dates are close approximations, non-definitive and subject to change.

Security patches and bug fixes are released every six months in May and November of each year. Be aware that security patches and bug fixes are always built upon the latest minor version.

Major versions

NameMajor VersionGeneral AvailabilityEnd of Full SupportEnd of Maintenance Support
LTS-20212.202111.x LTSNovember 17, 2021May 15, 2024 *November 13, 2024 **
LTS-20247.2405.x LTSMay 15, 2024May 21, 2026May 20, 2027
LTS-20268.2605.x LTSMay 20, 2026May 21, 2028May 22, 2029

*) The long-term support life cycle is adapted for the upgrade from Java 8 to Java 17. For more information, see Java 17 Long-Term Support.

**) November 12, 2025 with End of Extended Life Support, For LTS-21 please see here.

  1. Software enhancements are additions to functionality beyond correcting defects.
  2. As a temporary measure, Nevis Security may choose to address critical issues that significantly impact customer business with a workaround, while the functional fix is being prepared.
  3. Refer to "Issue Risk Assessment" in the Security Bulletins for more details.
  4. Technical Support access depends on the Service Level included in your Nevis support contract.