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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Rolling Release (RR)

The Rolling Release focuses on delivering the latest and newest features every three months. In addition to new features and other innovation updates, each Rolling Release also provides security patches and bug fixes. To benefit from the newest features, the highest security as well as from our technical support, download and install each upgrade.

Rolling Release lifecycle

*) The 2023-Q3 RR release has a special extended life cycle to facilitate the upgrade from Java 8 to Java 17. For more information, see Rolling Release (RR-Aug-23) with Java 8

If you prefer to get frequent upgrades to cutting-edge functionalities, then the Rolling Release is the lifecycle model to go with.

Lifecycle periods

The Rolling Release has 3 months of Full Support followed by 4 months of Fade-Out Support. Customers have four months to change from one Rolling Release version to the next Rolling Release version. The new support period starts as soon as the newest version is delivered.

This means that you have to upgrade at least twice per year to stay supported.

Example: You install the RR version of May 2020. You skip the next version (August 2020). When the November 2020 version is released, you upgrade directly to that. Perform this upgrade within one month.

Full Support

The Full Support stage starts with the release of a new Rolling Release version. Each new version includes software enhancements and new functionalities as well as updates, to improve the stability and performance of the platform and to address security vulnerabilities. Additionally, customers are entitled to receive technical support.

At the end of the Full Support period, the next RR version will be released. We recommend upgrading to this new version as soon as it is released.

RR Full Support starts on the day of the availability of the release and ends on the day before the availability of the next Rolling Release (RR+1).

Fade-Out Support

The Fade-Out stage of a Rolling Release version starts as soon as the following, newest Rolling Release version (RR+1) is available. An RR version in Fade-Out stage must not be used for new Nevis projects.

During the Fade-Out stage, you are still entitled to receive technical support. But Nevis will no longer provide security patches or bug fixes.

RR Fade-Out Support ends one month after the latest RR version (RR+1) has entered the Fade-Out Support stage. This results in one month of overlapping Fade-Out Support of two Rolling Releases.

At the end of the Fade-Out Support period, after altogether 7 months of RR support, the product lifecycle of a Rolling Release is over.

Overview of lifecycle periods and detailed support elements

The next table lists the available Nevis services, including support and software maintenance, during each stage of the Nevis RR lifecycle.

DescriptionFull supportFade-out support
Release FrequencyQuarterlyNone
New Features [1]Yes, every quarter with each new version releaseNo
Functional Fixes [2]YesNo
Security Fixes [3]YesNo
Technical Support [4]YesYes
Delivery ModeProactiveNo
Allowed for new projectsYesNo

[1] New features are new functionality, or additions to functionality beyond correcting defects.

[2] As a temporary measure, Nevis Security may choose to address critical issues that significantly impact customer business with a workaround, while the functional fix is being prepared.

[3] Refer to "Issue Risk Assessment" in the Security Bulletins for more details.

[4] Technical Support access depends on the Service Level included in your Nevis support contract.

Provisional dates of future releases

The following table gives an overview of the provisional release dates for Rolling Release versions. Note that all future dates are close approximations, non-definitive and subject to change.

New versions are released quarterly mid/end February, May, August and November of each year.

QuarterMajor VersionGeneral AvailabilityEnd of Full SupportEnd of Fade-Out Support
2023-Q12.202302.x RRFeb 15, 2023May 16, 2023September 14, 2023
2023-Q22.202305.x RRMay 17, 2023August 15, 2023December 16, 2023
2023-Q32.202308.x RRAugust 16, 2023November 14, 2023December 18, 2024 *)
2023-Q47.2311.0.x RRNovember 15, 2023February 20, 2024June 14, 2024
2024-Q17.2402.0.x RRFebruary 21, 2024May 14, 2024September 14, 2024
2024-Q28.2405.0.x RRMay 15, 2024November 19, 2024June 14, 2025
2024-Q48.2411.0.x RRNovember 20, 2024May 20, 2025December 16, 2025
2025-Q28.2505.0.x RRMay 21, 2025November 18, 2025June 16, 2026
2025-Q48.2511.0.x RRNovember 19, 2025May 19, 2026December 15, 2026
2026-Q29.2605.0.x RRMay 20, 2026November 17, 2026June 14, 2027
2026-Q49.2611.0.x RRNovember 18, 2026May 18, 2027December 14, 2027

*) The 2023-Q3 RR release has a special extended life cycle to facilitate the upgrade from Java 8 to Java 17. For more information, see Rolling Release (RR-Aug-23) with Java 8