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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR

Components Removed from the Rolling Releases as of November 2021

As of November 2021, the following components and component-features are no longer available in the rolling releases (RR). However, they will be available in the LTS-21 releases.

nevisAdmin 3 & nevisAgent

Starting 2020, nevisAdmin 3 is in maintenance-only mode. This means the following ([as we have announced previously](:

  • nevisAdmin 3 RR receives Full Support until the November 2021 release.
  • After November 2021, nevisAdmin 3 will be supported only by the LTS-2021 releases.

The package nevisAgent (bundled with nevisAdmin 3) is also in maintenance-only mode. As of LTS-2021, it will be available in LTS only.

Affected features

  • IP Failover Cluster

  • SNMP


In nevisProxy RR 5.x, all features that have been marked as deprecated in the lifetime of the LTS 3.14.3.x and the RR 4.x releases will be removed. You can no longer use them. There is a comprehensive list of parameters that will not work in RR 5.x. All deprecated features have been replaced by better alternatives, are no longer technically possible or have become irrelevant.

Here are some of the most notable removals:

  • Legacy Session Store (and everything related to it). This includes parameters such as:

  • The QoS configuration in the navajo.xml file. QoS will now only be configured with an ApacheConfigFilter.

  • MaxClientsPerIpAddr. This feature has been replaced with QoS directives and will be removed.

  • InputValidationFilter profiles. These profiles can be fully replaced by the ModSecurityFilter.

  • SessionResourceFilter

  • Auditfilter. This filter has been replaced by the LoggerFilter.

Authentication Components

LTS-only features

  • The nevisAuth compatLevel flag. Note that the LTS default is “none” (instead of “full”).
  • RPM and CLI changes for RR
  • nevisAuth AuthStates and plug-ins:

Monitoring solution

  • Components of the ELK stack and associated patterns are not part of the Rolling Releases anymore.