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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

LTS-2021 Major Upgrade Announcement


In November 2021, the LTS-2021 major release becomes available. Functionality-wise, this release is based on the August 2021 Rolling Release, introducing many new Nevis Identity Suite features with long term support. In general, LTS-2021 will contain all improvements and changes that appeared in the major and minor Rolling Releases since November 2019.

Preparations required

LTS-2021 is a major upgrade with many changes compared to the LTS-2019 release.

We recommend customers to plan ahead and reserve ample time for upgrade preparations. The preparations should include the following points:

  • Reading all relevant release notes
  • Performing configuration updates
  • Doing upgrade "rehearsals"
  • Extensive testing of all use cases

When your upgrade procedures and use cases work well, you should also have a smooth production upgrade.

Technical support and minor updates for LTS-2019 will continue until November 2022*. This means that you have one year to prepare and finish the upgrade.

  • Customers that have a separate [Extended Life Support]( contract can use LTS-2019 until November 2023. Contact your Nevis Account Manager in case you require such a contract.

Upgrade Guide

In November 2021, Nevis provides a guide for customers who want to upgrade from any supported LTS-2019 release to the initial LTS-2021 release. This Upgrade Guide highlights common steps to take to upgrade your LTS system, and summarizes major breaking changes.

As a heads-up, see [the latest "non-LTS" release notes](, most changes are already known. However, we expect further changes until November 2021, when the LTS-2021 release takes place.

Rolling Release customers

Customers who want to switch from RR to LTS can seamlessly do so. As a requirement, first upgrade to the August 2021 Rolling Release. But instead of upgrading to the November 2021 Rolling Release (or a later one), you then update to the LTS-2021 release, which will be almost identical to the August 2021 RR.

To compare RR benefits with LTS benefits, see the chapters Rolling Release " of the Nevis Product Lifetime guide.

Platforms support in LTS-2021

LTS-2021 will support:

  • RHEL 7* and RHEL 8 operating systems
  • nevisAppliance based on CentOS 7*
  • SLES 12 and SLES 15 (for selected components)

LTS-2021 will not support:

  • RHEL 6 / SLES 11

See the [Linux Distribution Support Policy for Nevis] for full details.

  • Based on Red Hat's announcements, maintenance support for RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 (nevisAppliance) ends in June 2024. Hence customers on RHEL 7 may need to upgrade to RHEL 8 before LTS-2021 is EOL. Also, customers on nevisAppliance will need to upgrade to LTS-2023 within 7 months after the plannedLTS-2023 release in November 2023 to stay on a supported platform.

nevisAdmin4-based Docker/Kubernetes support

Kubernetes support is only available in combination with nevisAdmin 4.

As Kubernetes (short K8S) is in rapid development, only the latest K8S versions are maintained. This means that it is required to upgrade to the latest LTS patch quarterly, which also requires upgrading Kubernetes versions according to the [Nevis Product Lifetime and Platform Support Matrix](.

Components included in LTS-2021

The following Nevis components are included in LTS-2021:

  • nevisAppliance
  • nevisAdmin 3 (with additional adnglassfish, nevisAgent packages)
  • nevisAgent
  • nevisAdmin 4
  • nevisAuth
  • nevisCred
  • nevisDataPorter
  • nevisDetect
  • nevisFIDO (with additional nevisfidocl packages)
  • nevisIDM (with additional nevisidmcl, nevisidmdb, adnooprint packages)
  • nevisKeybox
  • nevisLogRend
  • nevisMeta
  • nevisProxy
  • SNMP metrics
  • Ninja
  • Ninwin
  • Nevis Mobile Authentication Client SDK
  • Nevis Access App
  • Third-party components on nevisAppliance:

Components removed in LTS-2021

The following EOL components were part of the LTS-2019 major release, but are no longer included in the LTS-2021 major release:

  • nevisLDAP
  • nevisPortal
  • nevisReports
  • nevisWorkflow
  • nevisGate
  • nevisFIDO 1.8.x (will be replaced by 1.14 or newer)
  • adnjdk
  • MySQL cluster (deprecated)
  • adnwildfly, adnjboss and adnglassfish containers
  • Third-party components on nevisAppliance:

RR components compatible with LTS-2021

  • Nevis Mobile Authentication Client SDK
  • Nevis Access App

Consult your Nevis Value Added Reseller if you have questions about how to continue using Nevis without these components.