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Authentication methods comparison

Authentication Cloud offers multiple ways of delivering the payload to mobile devices, when using passwordless or two-factor authentication. For emergency access scenarios, recovery codes can also be configured for user accounts. The next table gives a compatibility overview of all of the authentication methods.

Authentication method2FAFIDOPasswordlessUsernamelessAdditional information
QR codesUses the Access App and SDK.
Deep linksUses the Access App and SDK. Fit for mobile-only scenarios.
FIDO2 and passkeysRequires FIDO2-capable device and browser.
Push notificationsUses the Access App and SDK. Fit for both mobile-only and desktop-mobile scenarios.
SMS OTPsNot recommended for sensitive transactions.
Recovery codes                                Only used as a recovery option.

For more detailed information about QR codes, deep links, and push notifications, see Channels in the Access App documentation.