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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR

Risk plug-in in nevisDetect

The figure below shows how nevisAdapt is integrated into nevisDetect as a risk plug-in and embedded in the overall landscape of the Nevis Identity Suite.

In this case, nevisAdapt consists of the following parts:

  • The nevisAdapt plug-in (no. 3 in the next figure) is invoked by the nevisDetect Core component (just as the other plug-ins of nevisDetect).
  • The observed context data is stored in the database schema of nevisAdapt (no. 2)
  • Calculating the risk scores and persisting the observed context data happens in the nevisAdapt service (no. 1).
Architecture overview - Embedded in the Nevis Security Suite

The following figure gives an architectural overview of the integration of nevisAdapt into nevisDetect:

Architecture - Integration into nevisDetect