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Version: 1.15.x.x RR

Advanced use case - Whitelisting users

It is possible to allow some users to bypass the adaptive authentication. There is a built-in functionality in the NevisAdaptAuthState for this use case.

To configure the use case, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a custom property in nevisIDM. For this, execute the following SQL script on the nevisIDM database:

    VALUES (121,'bypass_adaptive_authentication',2,7,0,0,'Flag to bypass the adaptive authentication',0,80,'','rw','rw',null,0,'bootstrap',SYSDATE(),'bootstrap',SYSDATE());
  2. In the nevisAdmin 4 configuration, add the bypass_adaptive_authentication attribute to the nevisIDM Password Login pattern. You do this in the Additional User Attributes field in the pattern's Advanced Settings tab.

  3. After deployment, go to the nevisIDM Administration UI. Set the attribute bypass_adaptive_authentication to "true" for each user who you want to exclude from the adaptive authentication.