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Version: 2.201911.x.x LTS

Upgrade from a nevisAppliance version 1

Upgrading a nevisAppliance version 1 to this new version 2 requires that boot your server from the nevisAppliance version 2 installation ISO image because the boot partion on the server's hard disk needs to be re-created. Therefore, access to the server's console is required to start the migration script as you won't have any usable network connectivity when booting the server from the ISO image. Overview:

  1. Boot the server from the nevisAppliance version 2 installation ISO image.
  2. Log in to the console as user root and start the migration using the "" script.
  3. Disconnect the ISO image and boot the server from its hard disk.
  4. Install the new update image files.
  5. Mark all existion Nevis product or component instances to be updated and reboot the server again.

Server migration – step by step instructions

The following steps are necessary to migrate your server:

  • Boot the server from the installation ISO image, e.g. neviscd2_2.1.0.0.iso.
Screen when booting from the installation ISO image
  • Log in to the console as user root (no password is required to log in).
  • Execute the script.
Console to start the migration script
  • This step re-creates the boot partition, updates the data partition's file system, migrates all data directories, and re-registers all services.
  • The successful installation ends with the message] normal end".
  • Disconnect the installation ISO image while rebooting the server. Migration command invocation example:
# shutdown -r now
  • The server boots now from its hard disk using a temporary installation image.
Screen when booting the nevisAppliance version 2 from its hard disk

When the server is running again, transfer the required nevisAppliance version 2 update images to the server using secure copy (scp), e.g. the neviscd2_2.1.0.0_os_base.img and neviscd2_2.5.4.5_nevis_base.img files.

The following table shows you which image files you should choose based on the nevisAppliance version 1 image type you had used in the past.

nevisAppliance version 1nevisAppliance version 2
DMZ imageneviscd_<date>_dmz.imgBase imageneviscd2_<version>os_base.imgneviscd2<version>_nevis_base.img
Standard imageneviscd_<date>.imgExtended imageneviscd2_<version>os_extended.imgneviscd2<version>_nevis_extended.img
Administration imageneviscd_<date>_admin.imgAdministration imageneviscd2_<version>os_admin.imgneviscd2<version>_nevis_admin.img
Database imageneviscd_<date>_db.imgDatabase imageneviscd2_<version> os_db.imgneviscd2 <version>_nevis_db.img
Not availableDMZ imageneviscd2_<version>os_dmz.imgneviscd2<version>_nevis_dmz.img

Tasks for finalizing the migration by installing the update images:

  • Transfer the new update images to the server using secure copy (scp).
  • Log in to the server as user root using a secure shell (ssh).
  • Execute the script to install the two nevisAppliance version 2 update images and reboot the server afterwards. Example:
# neviscd2_2.1.0.0_os_base.img neviscd2_2.5.4.5_nevis_base.img
# shutdown -r now

The server is now running on the new operating system and the new Nevis software has been installed. The easiest way to deploy (update all running instances) the new software of all Nevis products or components is running the following script and rebooting the server once again.

# -r
# shutdown -r now

The server starts now like after a normal software update. You might need to go through the sowtare update procedure for nevisIDM, nevisWorkflow and nevisAdmin as mentioned in the nevisAppliance reference guide the chapter Software udpates.

Post migration tasks

Some components may require some manual adaptations (depending on your current server configuration).

  • Apache Web Server The Apache server version has changed from 2.2 to 2.4 <>. You may need to update the server's configuration files if you have modified the default configuration.
  • Network settings If you are using network interface bonding, reconfigure the network interface bonding after the upgrade.
  • Monitoring The number of detected disk devices may change (OID . Check the content of /proc/scsi/sg/device_strs and /proc/scsi/sg/devices respectively the output of the hpssacli command (HP servers featuring smart array controller only).