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Version: 4.25.x.x LTS


This chapter describes the steps perform to install nevisAuth.


The following requirements need to be fulfilled before the nevisAuth package can be installed:

  • Linux host with ~1000MB of free space in the installation directory and ~200MB of free space in the spool directory.

Installing nevisAuth

Proceed as follows to install the package on Linux:

# rpm -i nevisauth-4.x.x.0-1.noarch.rpm

If no configuration package is provided for nevisAuth, proceed as described in chapter Preparing the initial installation.

Deinstalling nevisAuth

Proceed as follows to remove the nevisAuth software (without deleting log files and configuration):

# rpm -e nevisAuth

The existing server instances are not removed along with the package. It is possible to use them again, when a new software version is installed.

Software upgrade

Proceed as follows to upgrade to a new software version without changing the configuration:

  1. (optional) Deinstall the old package (see Deinstalling nevisAuth].
  2. Install the new package (see Installing nevisAuth].