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Version: 4.32.x.x LTS


To cover a wide variety of authentication mechanisms, nevisAuth comes bundled with many plugins. In addition to those, you can implement custom plugins in Java. This allows you to incorporate special requirements or to integrate additional services.

This document is targeted at people who would like to understand and develop new plugins. The focus is currently on authentication plugins, which allow to integrate new authentication mechanisms into nevisAuth. An authentication plug-in consists of one or multiple related AuthStates, which are the building blocks of an authentication flow.

  • The Requirements chapter lists the basic requirements which must be fulfilled to successfully develop authentication plugins.
  • The Quickstart chapter helps you to quickly set up and deploy a new authentication plug-in without going into specific details.
  • The subsequent Basic Concepts chapter gives an overview of the nevisAuth architecture and looks behind the curtain to help you understand the internals of nevisAuth.
  • The Developing AuthStates chapter covers everything that is important to program custom authentication plugins.
  • Finally, the Plugin Deployment chapter contains information about what must be considered when deploying a custom plug-in.