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Version: 2.17.x.x LTS

Release notes

nevisDataPorter LTS - 16.08.2023

  • UPDATED: We upgraded netty to 4.1.94.Final. (NEVISDP-467)
  • UPDATED: We upgraded json-path to 2.8.0. (NEVISDP-467)
  • CHANGED: Now ch.adnovum.dataporter.impl.audit.JpaAuditBackend logs exception instead of writing it to output. (NEVISDP-451)

nevisDataPorter LTS - 17.05.2023

nevisDataPorter LTS - 15.02.2023

  • UPDATED: We upgraded snake-yaml to 1.33 (NEVISDP-406)
  • UPDATED: We upgraded netty to 4.1.86.Final (NEVISDP-419)

nevisDataPorter LTS - 16.11.2022

  • UPDATED: We upgraded jackson to 2.13.4. (NEVISDP-385)
  • UPDATED: We upgraded Apache Commons Text to 1.10.0. (NEVISDP-395)

nevisDataPorter LTS - 17.08.2022

  • UPDATED: We upgraded gson to 2.8.9. (NEVISDP-367)
  • UPDATED: We upgraded netty to 4.1.77. (NEVISDP-368)
  • UPDATED: We upgraded jackson to 2.13.3.

nevisDataPorter LTS - 18.05.2022

Changes and new features

  • UPGRADED: Artemis client library is upgraded to 2.19.0. (NEVISDP-333)

nevisDataPorter LTS - 16.02.2022

Changes and new features

  • CHANGED: Output of io:exec and io:cat DataFunctions are trimmed. (NEVISDP-341)
  • FIXED: The issue with the instance creation when non-default name was used. (NEVISDP-230)
  • FIXED: The issue where SoapDataSource and DataSink use the SOAP 1.1 envelope namespace instead of 1.2. (NEVISDP-322)
  • FIXED: NevisIDMConnectionPool's sslSettings now supports io: DataFunctions. (NEVISDP-341)
  • UPGRADED: Log4j version is upgraded to 1.2.17. (NEVISDP-336)
  • UPGRADED: Internal library used for REST endpoint in RsEventSource. (NEVISDP-318)
  • REMOVED: The supplied log4j version 1.2.17 is patched to remove vulnerable classes org/apache/log4j/net/JMSAppender.class and org/apache/log4j/net/SocketServer.class. (NEVISDP-336)

nevisDataPorter LTS - 08.11.2021

Changes and new features

  • NEW: Liveness and readiness probe for Kubernetes integrations. (NEVISDP-310, NEVISDP-309)
  • FIXED: "lib" folder for external libraries is now created with the instance. (NEVISDP-311)

nevisDataPorter LTS - 18.08.2021

Changes and new features

  • CHANGED: nevisDataPorter now supports nevisIDM WebService up to version 1.45.
  • CHANGED: The JmsEventSource now also supports the JMS protocol used by nevisIDM 2.78 and older. (NEVISDP-233)
  • FIXED: The RestDataSink did not check the simulate flag, and as a consequence also executed REST calls when the simulate flag was set. This bug is now fixed. (NEVISDP-247)

nevisDataPorter LTS - 07.11.2019

Initial Long Term Support Release

Changes and new features

  • CHANGED: MySQL Connector/J was replaced with MariaDb Connector/J.