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Version: 2.82.x.x LTS

General Upgrade Instructions


Install the new nevisIDM release as documented in the reference guide of nevisIDM.

Configuration files

The required changes to the nevisIDM configuration files are documented for each new version. If there are changes, the configuration files have to be patched by hand. If the default nevisIDM configuration files have been used so far, you may just copy the new configuration files. Also refer to the reference guide for detailed information on specific configuration parameters.


nevisIDM provides the nevisidmdb tool to upgrade the nevisIDM database schema. Upgrade instructions are written separately for each release.

Starting with the nevisIDM 2.76 release of February 2020, the nevisidmdb package follows a different versioning scheme than the main nevisidm package. As of the 2.76 release, the versioning of the nevisidmdb package is based on the nevisIDM database schema version the package provides migrations for.

Rolling upgrades

Starting with the nevisIDM database version, rolling upgrades are supported. This is implemented in the following way:

  • The nevisIDM database schema has an own version independent of the nevisIDM application version. The database schema version consists of a semantic major and a semantic minor version part.
  • The database schema version requirement of the nevisIDM application is stated as a minimum and maximum supported version range: minDbVersion >= x <= maxDbVersion = [minDbVersion, maxDbVersion]
  • At startup, the nevisIDM application waits until a supported database schema is available. The application shuts down after a timeout of 10 minutes.
  • Backward compatibility is ensured between incremental quarterly rolling releases. That is, the current nevisIDM application version always supports the minimum supported database schema version of the next application version. This means that you can always migrate the database schema to the minimum required database schema version of the next nevisIDM application. Afterwards, each nevisIDM instance can be upgraded to the next version.

For further information refer to the upgrade instructions, which are written separately for each release.

nevisAuth states

To integrate nevisIDM into nevisAuth, the package nevisidmcl has to be installed on the nevisAuth machine. Note that there are no separate upgrade instructions for nevisAuth. If changes related to the nevisIDM AuthStates are listed in the release notes, install the nevisidmcl package on the corresponding nevisAuth servers.