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Version: 1.7.x.x LTS


This chapter describes the steps that perform to install nevisLogRend.


The following requirements need to be fulfilled before the nevisLogRend package can be installed:

  • Linux host with ~1000MB of free space in the installation directory and ~200MB of free space in the spool directory.

Installing nevisLogRend

Proceed as follows to install the package on Linux:

# rpm -i nevislogrend-x.x.x.x-1.noarch.rpm

Uninstalling nevisLogRend

Proceed as follows to remove the nevisLogRend software (without deleting log files and configuration):

# rpm -e nevislogrend

The existing server instances are not removed along with the package. It is possible to use them again when a new software version is installed.

Software upgrade

Proceed as follows to upgrade to a new software version without changing the configuration:

  1. (optional) Uninstall the old package (see Uninstalling nevisLogRend).
  2. Install the new package (see Installing nevisLogRend).