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Version: 1.14.x.x LTS

The administrative command-line interface

You can use the administrative nevisLogRend command-line interface (CLI) to create and manage instances of nevisLogRend. The CLI consists of the following commands:

nevislogrend # get this usage

nevislogrend [instance] start # start nevislogrend server
nevislogrend [instance] stop # shutdown nevislogrend server
nevislogrend [instance] restart # shutdown and start nevislogrend server
nevislogrend [instance] status [swdep] # show state of nevislogrend server
nevislogrend [instance] log # access to server log file
nevislogrend [instance] config [log|server] # access to configurations

nevislogrend inst # list all instances
nevislogrend inst create <name> [1] # create an instance
nevislogrend inst remove <name> # remove an instance
nevislogrend inst exists <name> # check for existing instance
nevislogrend handover # Create default config/log area, start server
nevislogrend pkg # Show installed package versions
nevislogrend pkg activate <version> # Activate specified version of package

[1] Optional: Specify 'help', 'try', 'force', a file or a list of PARAM=value
'nevislogrend inst create help' displays the possible setup parameters.

To run nevislogrend inst create with a file, use a command sequence like the following:

# contains PARAM=value on each line
cat | xargs -x nevislogrend inst create test-instance

You can manage instances by adding an instance name between nevislogrend and the actual command:

nevislogrend instancename start

If no instance is explicitly specified, the command manages the default instance. Consult Deployment Types for information on the available deployment types.