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Version: 3.14.x.x LTS

Placeholders in the examples and default values

The nevisProxy documentation includes several examples and default values that contain placeholders. The following table lists all placeholders and their values.

placeholderdescriptionusually replaced with
@PKG_HOME@The installation path of the nevisproxy package./opt/nevisproxy
@PKG_VAR@The installation path of the nevisProxy instance./var/opt/nevisproxy
@PKG_INSTANCE@The name of the nevisProxy instance.default

If the placeholder is part of a default value, the system replaces it automatically when it creates the nevisProxy instance by calling nevisproxy inst create.

  • If the placeholder is part of an example, you have to replace it manually.

The same placeholders are used in the examples in the folder @PKG_HOME@/examples of the installed nevisproxy package.