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Identity Management

The standard nevisIDM patterns provide a means to set up and configure a nevisIDM instance in a standardized way. Patterns are classified into categories for easy access; the nevisIDM patterns are classified in the Identity Management category.

The next diagram gives an overview of the available nevisIDM patterns:

Available nevisIDM patterns


The nevisIDM patterns require nevisIDM to be already installed on the target host(s).

The following packages are required:

  • nevisidm: Contains the nevisIDM web application. This package must be installed on the nevisIDM target host(s).
  • nevisidmcl: Contains the nevisIDM authentication plug-ins (AuthStates). This package must be installed on the nevisAuth target host(s).

The nevisidmdb package is not required.

The nevisIDM patterns only support nevisIDM in standalone mode. Before nevisAdmin 4 deploys the nevisIDM configuration, the system checks whether the installed nevisIDM version will suffice.

Standard nevisIDM Patterns

The next chapters describe the standard nevisIDM patterns.

nevisIDM Instance Pattern

The nevisIDM Instance pattern sets up an instance of nevisIDM in standalone mode.

See Setting up a nevisIDM Instance for more details.

Patterns to Access the nevisIDM Web Application and the REST/SOAP Services

The following patterns are used to make the corresponding services of nevisIDM accessible via nevisProxy:

  • The nevisIDM Web Application pattern configures nevisProxy to access the nevisIDM administration web application via the /nevisidm/admin frontend path.
  • The nevisIDM REST Service pattern makes the REST services of nevisIDM accessible via the /nevisidm/api frontend path.
  • The nevisIDM SOAP Service pattern makes the SOAP services of nevisIDM accessible via the /nevisidm/services frontend path. See chapter Accessing the nevisIDM Administration GUI for more details.

All nevisIDM services require authentication, which is provided by the nevisIDM Password Login pattern. See the next section.

Authentication Pattern

The nevisIDM Password Login pattern is provided for authentication purposes. See nevisIDM Password Login for more details.

Further authentication use cases, such as login with mTAN, will be available in future releases.

My Use Case is not Covered by the Standard Patterns

If your use case is not covered by the standard patterns, contact Nevis Support and explain your case. The nevisIDM patterns are in active development and we are interested in your requirements.

In the meantime you have several options:

  • Use the Generic Authentication Step pattern to add a custom step to an authentication flow configured with the Authentication Realm pattern. See the Help page of the Generic Authentication Step pattern for further information.
  • Use the Generic Authentication Realm pattern for complex authentication flows.